What an “exciting” few days. First Saturday’s scare, then Monday’s missile scare in Japan and now the embarrassment at our emergency management agency.

During an interview by Hawaii News Now at Hawaii’s Emergency Management HQ, cameras captured their computer password hand written on a post-it note and in plain sight.

“Not a good idea” the agency’s spokesperson conceded.

While these computers are most likely different from the system that sent the false missile alert, the photo raises questions about whether the approach to security at the agency may have led to the scary situation on Saturday. (On the other screen, another note reminds the user to “SIGN OUT.”)

Writing down passwords isn’t a strict security no-no. Some experts say that keeping a hard copy of a password in your wallet is defensible — if you can keep the piece of paper secure. But a note on a monitor is not secure, especially if it’s for computer systems dedicated to keeping people safe.

So the moral of this story is: if you or anyone you know writes their passwords and sticks it to their computer screen, take them down right away!

Stay safe out there.