A new variant of ransomware is spreading rapidly around the globe be emails impersonating the Internal Revenue Service.

The email subjects look like “Please Note – IRS Urgent Message-164” and the email body states that you’re behind in real estate taxes and to open the attached file for a compiled report of how much you own.

Don’t fall for it.

Opening the attached .zip file downloads a malicious payload that quickly encrypts all of your computer’s important files, then demands a ransom to be paid in untraceable BitCoin before you can get them back.

I know this sounds like an obvious scam and that you wouldn’t fall for it but we get panicked calls like this regularly. Often it’s from people who are probably multi-tasking, distracted and just trying to make it through the day.


What the spam email looks like


Opening the malicious document


The Ransom Note
Source material from Bleeping Computer