You won’t believe this. Criminals on the internet are expected to soon come out with a new wave of distasteful phishing attacks, specifically targeting women.

Using Photoshop to put a face onto a nude body is old news. The latest software now allows extortionists to automatically scour the internet for pictures of you, then digitally manipulate them to create fake adult movies with the star being… you. You might imagine how this will be misused now that these fake videos are exploding in popularity.

Bad guys are going to use this new tech to extort innocent people and shock them into clicking on a video link in a phishing email. The bait will likely include verbiage such as preventing negative consequences if co-workers, friends and family would “find out, or might see”.

DON’T FALL FOR IT. If one of these inappropriate phishing emails makes it in your inbox, DO NOT CLICK and follow your company’s SOP in reporting malicious emails.

Stay safe out there.