As you may imagine, we get all sorts of “interesting” things by email but pretty rarely by phone. Today was a bit different, we got a vishing voicemail message.

If you haven’t heard of vishing (a mash up of “voice” and “phishing”), it’s a criminal practice of using phone calls to steal private personal and financial information. If you want to hear the actual message, here it is:

It reads:

“The reason behind this call is to inform you that there is a lawsuit that has been filed under your name and an arrest warrant has been issued. To get more information about this case file, give us a call back on (scam phone number)”

We called the number using a secure line to see if we could get the criminals on the phone but alas, the number had already been disconnected. However, in searching for this specific scam it looks like it started going around this week and call back numbers are spread throughout the US.

So, if you or anyone you know gets a voicemail like this one. Make sure you hang up right away and don’t call them back!

Stay safe out there.