Living on an island, we rely on ships to bring us everything from food to Amazon orders.

With the shipping the industry being the main conduit for global trade, moving over 10 billion tons of goods annually between seaports, officials say that this trillion dollar industry is open to cyber attack and its ripe for the picking.

Ships are low hanging fruit as incredibly high-value cargo is transported on ships with legacy systems and poor security processes and awareness. In fact the seaports they dock in offer suffer from these same problems.

Over the past few years numerous cyber attacks on maritime systems have been successful. From gangs hacking the systems of the Australian Border Protection Agency to Belgian criminals gaining access to systems to control the movement of containers to smuggle cocaine, heroin and guns.

In fact, just last year a German-owned 8,250 teu container vessel en route from Cyprus to Djibouti had its IT systems completely hacked. Pirates took control of the ship’s navigation system for 10 hours, steering it directly into territory where they could have easily boarded and taken over the vessel.

While details are limited, according to sources, Cyber Security IT Experts were quickly brought on board the ship who eventually managed to regain control after hours of work.

Kudos to the IT Security guys – we support you!

Stay safe out there.